Honey is not only tasty treat on your toast, it also has many health benefits for you and your family. Even if some of these uses are not scientifically proven as medical cures, some people swear by them and honey can’t hurt you. You should be looking for Raw Honey, not the purified, distilled variety you can buy in a honeybee squeeze container. Raw honey can be found from a local honey producer or health food store. I love the taste of honey and these are some of the uses I have found it useful for.

You can use honey as an antiseptic or antibacterial agent- If you have a cut put some raw honey on it to produce an antiseptic action and you can apply it to pretty much anywhere on your body. Some lab studies show it can be used on antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria so toss some in your first aid kit to protect you and your children with honey’s natural antiseptic properties or if you can’t find your triple antibiotic ointment or are hesitant to use it, whip out the honey!

You can use it as a natural face moisturizer- Try this recipe- 1 egg yolk, 2 tablespoons raw honey, mix together apply to your face and neck avoiding eyes, leave on for 10 minutes and rinse off with warm water.

You can use it as a natural acne cure- put a small of raw honey dab on a pimple, cover with gauze and wake up to a clear face.

You can use it as an immune system boost- Try mixing a teaspoon in your morning coffee or morning water and it possibly strengthens your immune system, even if it does not help boost your immune system the sugar content will help wake you up!

Treat your sore throat naturally- a teaspoon of the juice from a lemon mixed with a a teaspoon of honey and swallow it or mix it with 6 oz of hot water and drink it as a tea.

You can use it to help with anxiety treatment- add honey to your oatmeal in the morning and it may produce a calming effect when taken in significant amounts, try mixing it in your warm water before bedtime to relax you.

Instead of trying over the counter medicines to keep you healthy and worrying about the side effects, sometimes natural remedies are the safest and best. Try honey!