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Live long… Laugh often… Love always.

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Natural Air Freshener

Dec 9, 2012 Author: Jessy | Filed under: Health & Safety, Home & Garden

I love a house that smells good when you walk in!  There was a time in my life where I would have used a plug in,  a scented candle, the potent melted wax, or air freshener sprays, but now I know better.   Keeping an artificially fragrance free house is tough because I still want to remove food or other stinky odors from my house but you can’t brainlessly spray a chemical to pollute your indoor air. Did you know that the EPA estimates that indoor air is 4 times more polluted than outdoor air in most homes in the winter time when houses are closed up tight?

I have used many different natural products that I have laying around my house or my yard.  I have used pine needles and lemon juice, I have used cloves and citrus, I have used cinnamon and apple cores but one of my favorite scents is orange peel and cinnamon.   The smell of cinnamon smells like fresh baked goods, and the citrusy smell of orange smells like sunshine.

You can use a small pan on the stove but you have to make sure that you dont simmer all of the water out and start a fire, instead I have this potpourri warmer that I have had for about 10 years that is really awesome for natural air fresheners.

My old school potpourri warmer, some ground cinnamon, and an orange


Peel an orange, eat the orange and put the orange peel into the pot.


Add 1 tablespoon of ground cinnamon, or eyeball it.


Add water to fill up the pot, mix the cinnamon and orange peel, put it on the stove to simmer, or if you have a potpourri warmer plug it in.  Enjoy a fresh smelling house without adding any chemicals, phthalates, petroleum products, or chemical fragrances and protect your indoor air quality.

Elastic shoelaces

Sep 19, 2012 Author: Jessy | Filed under: Health & Safety, Projects and Crafts

Quick tie your shoes it is time to go to school!  Why are your shoes always untied when you get off the bus? Did you walk around school with your laces dragging all day?

Untied shoes can be dangerous, there is no support in a pair of athletic shoes if they are constantly untied. Kids dont want to stop and tie their shoes when the are playing a game or running with their friends at recess, I remember bully kids trying to step on untied laces to trip kids when we were kids. I was so tired of seeing my daughter walk off the bus with one shoe untied and thinking how unsafe that is that I decided to fix it for good.

Sure you can buy elastic or no tie laces online for 9-15 dollars but you can fix them yourself for less than $2.

1. Go to a craft or sewing store and pick up some 1/4 inch braided elastic, I bought mine at Walmart and it was under $2 for 3 yards.  I can do at least 3 pairs of shoes with this.

2. Pull out the old shoe laces, throw those germ infested things away. (They have been dragged around the gross school bathroom floor and all kinds of kid cooties that live on school floors!)

3.  Use a handwork knitting needle (also available at a craft store) to thread the elastic through the holes. If you don’t have this, you can use clear tape to form a point or temporary aglet.

4. Lace up both sides of the shoes, make sure the elastic is not twisted, I prefer to go over the sides of the shoes and have the elastic end on the underside of the shoe.

5. Using a needle and thread sew the ends of the elastic so they are folded one on top of the other, I sewed all the way to the end where I trimmed the excess off.  I wanted to hide the unfinished edge under the bottom edges of the shoes.


6. Trim off the excess elastic.

7. Finish the other shoe- your done!

Your child wont come home from school with untied shoes, they wont have to stop playing a game to tie their shoes, and they won’t have another kid step on their untied laces, trip, fall and get hurt.    It took me about 5 minutes to do this project, I am already excited for the saved time each morning waiting for my kid to tie her shoes!

p.s. For those of you worried I am handicapping my child by giving her elastic laces, I taught her to tie her shoes, she can do it. I am not worried about her going to college without the ability to tie her shoes.


Menstrual Cup

Aug 30, 2012 Author: Jessy | Filed under: Health & Safety, Product Reviews

I am going to talk about something nobody ever talks about, periods.  We can talk about babies, deliveries, but periods are taboo.  Yes, I am going there!

One day while surfing online I was trying to find cheap tampons, I ran across a thing called a menstrual cup.  After reading user reviews watching a few Youtube videos, I quickly ordered a Diva Cup.  I have used it for a few months now and I LOVE it!!!!

Even with heavy periods, if you use a menstrual cup, you can sleep all night long with no leaks. I no longer have to worry about bringing a stash of tampons with me wherever I go.

I also liked the green aspect of the menstrual cup. With a menstrual cup, I have no waste!  None!  Not even a panty liner!

Let me tell you about a menstrual cup.  It is a silicone cup that holds your menstrual blood.  You remove it, empty the liquid into the toilet.  You only need to empty a menstrual cup 2-3 times per day, you can leave it in up to 12 hours so most people don’t need to worry about it at all during work.  It has a little stem, you insert it, give it a spin to make a form suction and it stays in place with no leaks.

To get it out, you bear down, you grab the little stem and ridged base, pinch the silicone to break the suction, pull it out and dump the contents into the toilet, rinse it out with water and reinsert it.

I had never heard of one of these and I have to tell the world that it is soooooooo much better than tampons!!!  Sure it costs about $30 bucks to start out but you will never have to run to the store for tampons, pads and panty liners each month.   I realized I would spend about $8-10 bucks each month for menstrual supplies, the last two months I did not spend a dime.

I put my menstrual cup in a cute little zipped bag, I also carry around a little squeeze bottle filled with water for public bathrooms and that is it. No more panty liners, or tampons taking up my purse.

You can swim, exercise, run, dance, and there are no leaks.  You don’t have to worry about toxic shock, leaking tampons, or wearing a sweaty pad.  I hope I never have to go back.


Many people have said to me you never stay home do you?  I will answer them not really, I am the anti-stay at home, stay at home mom.  I love bringing my kids many different places and letting them experience life.

-Don’t just read about doing things or watch them on tv, actually do things!!!

-Teach your children about life by giving them life experiences.

-Teach your children when to feel safe and when to feel leery of others by being around many different people.

-Teach your children how to solve problems by giving them real life opportunities to practice solving them.

-You can’t create life experiences if you never leave the house.

It is a whole lot easier to not leave the house, to not have to plan ahead, pack lunches, pack snacks, pack strollers, bundle up little kids, worry about melt downs, but that does not mean you should take the easy road and stay home.

Your kids will be healthier if you never bring them out of the house and expose them to germs from other sick kids with their sticky, dirty, germy hands touching everything that your kids will touch.  How will your childs immune system deal with the onslaught of germs once they reach school age if they have not already had every one of the normal childhood illnesses?

Your kids wont have to experience mean children if you never bring them places where mean children play.   How are they going to learn how to defend themselves and when it is important to stand up for themselves and others?   There will always be mean kids, mean teenagers and mean adults, give them the life experiences and talk to them about how to deal with mean people and stand up for themselves without being violent.

Your kids won’t know how fortunate they are if they dont see poor people. If you never bring them downtown and let them see the homeless people walking out of the shelter or staying warm in the skyways.  Let them appreciate their good fortune and see first hand how some people live, teach them kindness and empathy.

Your kids need to see that there are dangerous people in the world that they need to watch out for.  Teach them to appreciate that the police and fire departments are here, show them what a burnt down house looks like,  point out to them that bad people get caught and get arrested.

Your kids will not learn to stand up for themselves if they don’t see you standing up for yourself!  If we never leave the house we would not experience that not everyone in the world are honest or rule followers.  My children have witnessed me standing up for what I believe is right by me confronting others.

Let your kids experience unfairness when they have been standing in line to go across the lily pads at the pool and a rude kid cuts in front of them. Use that as  a learning experience to teach them to stand up for themselves in the future and to say I was here first.

Show your children which people you want them to avoid because they are scary or give you a bad feeling, let them learn to trust their instincts and know that not all people are good. Give your kids opportunities to be around strangers so you can teach them which strangers are not okay to talk to.

Let your kids learn about life by experiencing it first hand, bring your kids in as many places as you can, teach them how to live life around all different kinds of people not just people who you want to associate with. Give them the skills to live through life experiences, and the real world opportunities to practice those skills.

Despite being more work, more time, more germs, more mean kids, more frightening, I bring my kids out to experience the world!

Fluoride Free for Six Months

Jan 23, 2012 Author: Jessy | Filed under: Health & Safety


I have been reading about the dangers of fluoride for the past year how fluoride is a neurotoxic substance and can cause brain damage, how it can reduce IQ levels, how ingesting large amounts can cause kidney damage and kidney disease, can cause bone cancer. I have read how many people are against cities water treatment plants putting fluoride in our drinking water without our permission and often times the additional amount can be unregulated and testing can show the added amounts sometimes the levels are dangerously high.

The main reason our country adds fluoride to our water supply is to protect teeth, but when children are exposed to excessive levels of fluoride it results in dental fluorosis that will actually destroy teeth by making them mottled and rotting them from the inside out.  This is why you should store your fluoride toothpaste out of reach of your young children and why they have training toothpaste to teach children how to spit out all toothpaste.

I am against adding fluoride to city water.  Only 10 countries in the world add fluoride to their drinking water and 50% of all treated water is in North America. Most dental research confirms that fluoride’s main benefit comes from direct topical application to teeth not from a systemic application by ingesting it.    Since I do not have a home reverse osmosis filter to remove fluoride that is placed in my water, and my fridge filter does not eliminate fluoride, I decided to do what I could to try to minimize fluoride exposure.

I have all along had my kids brushing with training toothpaste once per day, and fluoride toothpaste at nighttime.  My son is now four and can easily spit out his toothpaste, so I am comfortable with him using fluoride toothpaste occasionally when I am supervising him.  I figure since they can’t avoid the systemic treatment when drinking water every day or taking a bath, they get plenty of fluoride as part of their daily lives.  Our pediatric dentist office claims that children under the age of 6 don’t need any more fluoride than they get from drinking city water because the risk of overexposure is so much more dangerous.

I started brushing with Natural, fluoride free toothpaste, stopped using fluoride toothpaste for six months.   I have been going to the same dental office for about 4 years now and I had two perfect checkups in a row.  I get annual x-rays per my insurance. I am not going to say my teeth are perfect, but my teeth health is important to me, you only get one set of adult teeth so I want to take care of them.

After 6 months of brushing multiple times per day with non fluoridated toothpaste and going in last week for a checkup. I did not share my fluoride free test with my dentist and hygienist so they had no idea what changes I made in my life since the last time they saw me.  The dentist showed me my digital x-rays that showed shadows of three cavities forming on the surface of my teeth despite the fact that I brush and floss daily. He was concerned at the rapid changes in my teeth.  He told me that none of the shadows in my enamel were cavities yet, but they would be in six months to a year.  He suggested I start using ACT Fluoride mouthwash, I could buy a fluoride gel treatment like they apply for kids, or buy a high fluoride content toothpaste and I might be able to fight off those cavities.

Since I could see the x-ray proof right in front of my eyes compared to the last x-ray 1 year before, I said very interesting.  I opted out of their treatments and chose to run over to Wal-Mart and pick up a bottle of ACT fluoride mouthwash and a new tube of Colgate fluoride toothpaste.   I came home threw away my natural fluoride free toothpaste and I decided I am back on fluoride.

I hope I am able to reverse the presence of these three cavities forming on my top layer of enamel, but if not, I learned a very expensive lesson on the importance of topical application of fluoride on my teeth.


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