I am going to talk about something nobody ever talks about, periods.  We can talk about babies, deliveries, but periods are taboo.  Yes, I am going there!

One day while surfing online I was trying to find cheap tampons, I ran across a thing called a menstrual cup.  After reading user reviews watching a few Youtube videos, I quickly ordered a Diva Cup.  I have used it for a few months now and I LOVE it!!!!

Even with heavy periods, if you use a menstrual cup, you can sleep all night long with no leaks. I no longer have to worry about bringing a stash of tampons with me wherever I go.

I also liked the green aspect of the menstrual cup. With a menstrual cup, I have no waste!  None!  Not even a panty liner!

Let me tell you about a menstrual cup.  It is a silicone cup that holds your menstrual blood.  You remove it, empty the liquid into the toilet.  You only need to empty a menstrual cup 2-3 times per day, you can leave it in up to 12 hours so most people don’t need to worry about it at all during work.  It has a little stem, you insert it, give it a spin to make a form suction and it stays in place with no leaks.

To get it out, you bear down, you grab the little stem and ridged base, pinch the silicone to break the suction, pull it out and dump the contents into the toilet, rinse it out with water and reinsert it.

I had never heard of one of these and I have to tell the world that it is soooooooo much better than tampons!!!  Sure it costs about $30 bucks to start out but you will never have to run to the store for tampons, pads and panty liners each month.   I realized I would spend about $8-10 bucks each month for menstrual supplies, the last two months I did not spend a dime.

I put my menstrual cup in a cute little zipped bag, I also carry around a little squeeze bottle filled with water for public bathrooms and that is it. No more panty liners, or tampons taking up my purse.

You can swim, exercise, run, dance, and there are no leaks.  You don’t have to worry about toxic shock, leaking tampons, or wearing a sweaty pad.  I hope I never have to go back.