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Live long… Laugh often… Love always.

A Professional Mom

Jessy, Professional Mom

Hello, I am Jessy.  My real name is Jessica but my mom only called me that when I was in trouble, so I prefer Jessy.   I am an (almost) 33 year old woman and I am the sole author of  momlifestyle.com.  I have been married to my husband and friend Jon, since August of 2002.   We enjoyed being newlyweds and traveling frequently for two years before we decided to have children.  We were fortunate that we were able to conceive naturally when we were ready. Fast forward four years and I am now a mom to two beautiful and exciting children, an 4 year old girl who I will call Boo, and an almost 18 month old boy, who I will call Jicky.  I do not use their real names online for safety. I pride myself on not being a stay at home mom, I call myself a “Professional Mom” because I rarely stay at home with our kids.

I have not always been a Professional Mom. I graduated from the College of St. Catherine in 1998 with a Bachelors Degree in Communications and started down the business career path.  I worked for seven years as a human resources and operations professional for a commercial software company.  While I loved this job, it was demanding and often required more than 40 hours a week.   Problem was, I wanted to work less and enjoy my new baby daughter more.

I decided to leave the corporate world and taking a less demanding job at the local high school managing the Career Center.  Instead of hiring and firing, benefits coordination, and corporate policy management, I got to help teenagers make exciting choices about their education and careers.  I worked full time (school days only and summers off)  for two more years at the high school before my daughter started having adjustment problems with daycare.  It was a tough time.  After some serious soul searching and I realized I wanted to raise my children while they were young, I wanted to become a Professional Mom. Thankfully my husband, who works full time, was supportive of this decision.  Resigning from my job at the high school was an exciting yet sad day.  I had left another job I had loved, but was looking forward to starting my new full time job.

Providing my children with as many experiences and opportunities as possible is important to me.  I take my Professional Mom job seriously and  am constantly researching and reading about children and parenting.  I refuse to sit at home and allow my children to be bored.  I love writing about what I have learned or just sharing tips and suggestions that have worked for me.  I like sharing what I find interesting with parenting,  maintaining my home, or simply new cool stuff that I have discovered that has brought value to my life.  Knowing not everyone has this opportunity given to me,  I feel a need to share my thoughts and experiences in hopes that they might help someone out or simply brighten their day.

Starting a blog really seemed like the right thing to do,  it doesn’t take much time and with all of the technology available is pretty easy.  It allows me to write and communicate in ways beyond what is available on social media sites or in e-mails to my friends.  You will find that I write about the current stages and experiences my children are going through, and about the things I have learned up to this point.  Also, as a Fair warning,  I write from my heart and I do not claim to be an English major.  You will likely notice a lack of editing and fine tuning on this site.  Please be nice, I am not a professional blogger, I am a Professional Mom and I fit this blog in around my full time job.

Parenting is a constant process of learning and growing to keep up with the developmental changes with my children.  Hopefully you enjoy reading about my experiences, thoughts, and emotions along the journey I call the “Mom Lifestyle.”

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