A woman gave birth in a New Jersey Hospital in April of 2006, she refused a doctor suggested c-section and while in labor was given multiple psychiatric evaluations. She gave birth to a healthy baby by vaginal delivery with no complications.  Even though she gave birth to a healthy baby she was told her baby would not be able to come home with her and was turned over to Social Services, she was non compliant with social services and the court system and custody of her child was given to the foster family. She was ruled as abusive and neglectful for refusing the c-section even before her child was born.  The reason this is in the news is because the custody ruling was upheld last week in court.

This ruling blows my mind!  There are so many things that run through my head!

This ruling gives the unborn baby more rights than the mom, this must be a huge blow for abortion advocates around the country.  They ruled that she was abusing and neglecting her child by refusing to allow medical intervention and she lost even though she delivered without incident and the baby was healthy with no ill effects from delivering.

A woman who works with my sister in law here in Minnesota, refused a c-section when her baby was in distress because she did not want a scar.  She made the wrong decision, and her baby died during her vaginal delivery.  This happened about 4 months ago and she did not have any charges pressed against her for her decision to risk the health of her baby.  This was considered her choice.  In my opinion it was a horribly selfish choice and she will have to live the rest of her life knowing that her selfish choice to avoid a scar killed her full term baby.

This ruling gives the doctor who makes the call to make the call for the c-section more rights than the woman who refuses the surgery. Now doctors can say that you may be held legally responsible and loose your child if you neglect to listen to my decision to have a c-section as I am recommending right now.

When you have a c-section the doctor, anesthesiologist and nurses have to explain the risks and you have to sign multiple forms approving the doctors decision to have a c section.  It is your choice and you have to approve this choice.

This ruling is going to take away so many women’s rights and give so many more rights to doctors and social workers that it scares me.

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