My kids love foaming hand soap, it is so easy to use, it washes off completely but I have some issues with the store bought brands.  All foaming hand soaps that I have found in the stores are antibacterial soap and we are not supposed to be using antibacterial hand soap on kids.  Antibacterial hand soaps if not rinsed off can cause skin burns and irritation and they also should not be used daily because we are creating super bugs that can be antibiotic resistant.

I had four foaming  hand soap dispensers sitting around empty, and I filled one 1/8th the way with Seventh Generation dish soap then the rest of the way with regular tap water, shook it gently to mix it, and it created a perfect foaming soap.  I chose Seventh Generation because it is easy to find, less than $4 it is unscented for my fragrance free house, it is hypoallergenic,  non-toxic and it is not petroleum based.   This foaming handsoap washes off completely, and it is not antibacterial so I have no worries when my kids wash their hands without me watching them like a hawk, to ensure they rinse off the soap completely.   If you want to try to make your own foaming hand soap, save yourself money, and reuse your foaming hand soap containers and switch to seventh generation dish soap for your family and the environment.