Euro-Pro Shark S3501 Deluxe Steam Pocket Mop

I was fortunate to get the Euro-Pro Shark S3501 Deluxe Steam Pocket Mop for Christmas. I wanted to use it for a few weeks before I wrote a review to make sure I was not still in the honeymoon phase and so I could be honest as possible.

The reason I wanted a steam mop was because I wanted to eliminate cleaning with chemicals on my floors. I had been using vinegar and hot water and a microfiber washable mop head that I washed after each use. I did not like the fact that I had to empty my bucket after each room I cleaned so I was not using dirty water on my next room floor. Even though I felt my floors were visibly clean, they were wet for 20-30 minutes after mopping and I did not think they were sanitized and certainly did not smell fresh, heck vinegar does not smell fresh, it smells like vinegar, but I would rather use that than any other chemical cleaning product.

When I opened it for Christmas I could not wait to get home to try it out! Unfortunately, I had to put away the truckload of gifts that the kids received and put away the Christmas decorations so I could have an clear floor to clean. We have hardwood floors in the kitchen, living room, in two bedrooms, tile floors in bathrooms and the entryway, carpet in the basement family room and one bedroom along with plenty of area rugs to warm up the wood floors. I swept and vacuumed the rugs then was ready to get to work with the steam mop. I read the instructions, filled up the reservoir to the top, plugged it in and pumped the steam and started mopping. I used the rectangle head and the white pocket pad and was amazed at the steam, it started strong and stayed strong the whole time I cleaned the floor. The steam cleaned my floors and got the corners cleaned, I loved how the head pivoted so easily, I loved that when one side got dirty I flipped the mop over and cleaned with the other side of the pad, I actually used one side for each room. I tried out the triangle head for corners and small spaces but I felt I had no problem getting into the corner with the rectangle head in case you don’t want to switch heads.

Since I have wood floors it is much easier to use the purple steam duster cleaning pads, they glide so nice along my wood floors and they are no effort at all to push like the white pocket pads are on a textured surface like wood floors. The purple dusting pads still clean off the dirt off my floor and shine it well as well as emitting the perfect sanitizing steam the whole time. One of my favorite features is the long cord, I can clean my kitchen and halfway into my living room without having to replug the cord in. My Dyson Ball
cord is at least 5 feet shorter so a longer cord does make my cleaning faster and easier.

The coolest option on this steam mop is the carpet glider for carpet freshening and deodorizing. We have a large golden retriever that is not always the best smelling dog, he swims and rolls in dirt and does all the other gross hunting dog things. With all of the area rugs in my house I simply drag the steaming purple dusting pad across the rug till I cover the entire area, it makes my carpets smell great, I don’t like to think that my kids that enjoy sitting on the floor to play and watch TV sitting on a stinky carpet. I can smell the difference immediately after they have been steamed and they are dried in minutes, I know the kids are playing on fresh area rugs.

Today I tackled an even bigger job than my hard floors, the basement carpet! You are not supposed to get carpets wet because it will break down the carpet fibers and shortens the life of the carpet which is why many people get their carpets professionally steam cleaned instead of shampooing them, so I figured this is steam, I have to try it. The dog likes to sleep on the basement carpet and when I was doing push-ups with Gilad the other day I could certainly smell the dog.

Our Dog

I took the carpet glider out of the box put on a fresh white pocket pad and fired up the steam. I steamed the whole carpet twice, when it was wet on the first run I could certainly smell wet dog, I flipped the head over and saw the dingy side that had swept over my whole carpet and started on the other side. After the 2nd pass the carpet looked like it woke up, it looked lighter and brighter. I put the fan on the carpet to make sure any remaining steam was dried, and then I went down into push up position to get a close up whiff, and seriously the carpets did not stink, I had my nose across the fibers and felt success that my kids could sit on that carpet without smelling that it is my dogs favorite resting place.

I read multiple reviews by other people who put chemicals in the water reservoir. Why? The point is to have chemical free cleaning and people are adding Febreeze or Lysol into the steam, now you are not only putting those chemicals on your floors but it is also getting into your air with the steam. If you are buying this steam mop to reduce chemicals in your home don’t put them into your water reservoir! Honestly you do not need chemicals to make your house smell good, this steam mop makes your house smell fresh.

Now that I have expressed how happy I am with the Shark Steam Pocket Mop I want to compare it to the other steam mops. The Bissell 1867 Steam Mop Bare Floor Steam Cleaner only has one sided steam pad, it has a swivel head but it is a very thick head which some people who review it complain makes it difficult to get under tight places, it also does not come with the carpet glider. The H20 Steam Cleaner Mop appears to come with a carpet glider and it has the triangle head but it does not come with the large steam head for large areas or the long cord. The Euro-Pro S3202 Shark Deluxe Steam Mop is the smaller unit without the extend-able handle, the triangle head, the steam pocket, or the swivel head. I would recommend to pass up these three models and invest in the Euro-Pro Shark Steam Pocket Mop, it has all of the good features of these other three steam mops and tops them with more inventive features and attachments.

I am happy I have the Shark Steam Pocket Mop. I am enjoying mopping, I love that my floors are clean, disinfected and completely chemical free.