My son is 16 months right now and he is a professional dismantler.  You clean he messes, you put things away he can take them out at twice the rate you could ever put them away.  It might be one of the more challenging stages and makes me truly appreciate cabinet locks.

Daily the entire contents of my tupperwear cupboard are emptied and carried throughout the house.  I put the tupperwear away with the lids on the left the bowls on the right and everyday they are mixed up and that is still way better than picking them up in every room of the house that he felt like decorating that day.   If you hang something up it is his responsibility to take it down for you and throw it on the floor.  He makes a contented grunt when he quickly puts all things hanging on the floor, as in the dismantle age that is where they belong.  The contents of the hair brush drawer are emptied and deposited in anyplace he can shove them.  I find brushes in the couch, under beds, under the tv stand, under couches, in boxes of toys, everywhere besides the brush drawer.

If there is food in a bowl like I occasionally put crackers in a bowl for the kids to snack on before lunch or dinner, he is very efficient on quickly dumping out every remaining morsel out of that bowl, on the floor on the couch or if I am lucky on the end table.   Any items left sitting on an end table of course do not belong there, remotes, phones, books, cups of water are all quickly swiped onto the floor, again that is his job.

During meals he is the best at sharing with the dog.  He feels it is his obligation to eat two noodles and put two on the floor, eat two bites of cucumber, the rest go on the floor, it must be a strong sense of accomplishment to be able to dismantel more than mom can ever clean in one day.  I have to remind myself daily this is a stage and he will grow out of it just like his sister did.