I realized today that in relationships to be successful, you need checks and balances.  You need one person who is the saver, to balance out someone who likes to spend money.  You need one person who is the risk taker, to balance out the person who only makes safe decisions.  You need one person who is an organizer and who throws stuff away, to balance out the person who collects too much stuff.

If you are too much alike, you will end up in debt if you are both spenders, and if you are both savers you will never do anything fun.  Without the risk taker, the safe person would never try to experience anything new.  Without the organizer, two collectors would end up in a trash house.

In my world, I am the saver, the safe one, and the collector, I am also the one who stays home with my kids while my husband works full time.   Without our differences, and our challenges to each other we would have a boring relationship.  Our relationship is a relationship of friendship and balance, we are definitely not perfect, but together, we work.